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(F) Session Completed Screen–prove they finished.

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Require your students to show you this screen before logging off.

As the teacher (or parent) please REQUIRE your student(s) to show you this session completed screen before they log off each day.  It will stay there until they log out, so they can leave it there and wait for you to get around to them. The Online Tutor won’t allow them to continue once the session is completed.  If the student can continue working–then they have not completed the session.

Sessions last ten minutes plus the time to finish the part they are on.  At an appropriate break after ten minutes, the session will close down and display this screen.  We prompt the students to “Show someone, then log out.”

This is the first step to student success

The first step to student success is for them to complete a full session every time they log on and play.


If you don’t require them to show you this screen, you may have students logging off after doing a handful of problems. They will complain that they aren’t making progress.

If they work the whole ten minutes

  • they will make more progress.
  • they will become more motivated. 
  • they will do enough to learn.

You’ll soon see how many problems you can expect in a session.   Ensure they work enough to learn by simply requiring that  they show you the SESSION COMPLETED screen–before they log off.

The next step is to be sure to schedule Rocket Math daily and encourage it to be done as homework too!

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