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The person who first sets up the account is the owner (probably you).

The owner is automatically the first teacher.  The owner will always be able to see ALL the students in the dashboard and can review everyone’s progress. Hint: If you want to see only the students connected to you as their teacher use the “Search” box and filter for your name–then only your students will be displayed.  It works the same on the dashboard and Review Progress page.

WARNING: You probably need to add your school and a code.

To add other teachers to your account: Go to Teacher Managers tab

As owner you can set up additional people as Teacher Mgrs to help manage the seats. In the Online Game admin, choose the tab for Teacher Mgr.  There are two options to add Teacher Mgrs to your account.

Option 1: Use the Add Teacher Mgr pop-up list if you only need to add a handful. See directions below.

Option 2: Use a CSV import if you have more than a handful. Located on a different page of this Knowledge Base.

Option 1: Use the Add Teacher Mgr pop-up list.

On the Teacher Mgr page, choose blue “Add Teacher Mgr” button in the upper right hand side. You’ll get this popup.

Just fill in their first name, last name, email address, make up a password for them and in the last column choose the school to which they belong.  [Note: Now you see why you need to set up the school or schools in your account first!] This pop-up form allows up to ten at a time, but you can repeat for more teachers, or choose option 2.

When you hit the green “Create” button the system will send an email to the address you entered for them, which gives them the password you just created. They are asked to change it immediately upon logging in.  You should probably also send them a message, so they know this is coming and don’t ignore the email from

Note: You must set up your Teacher Mgrs before you input the students, but you can add more Teacher Mgrs at any time this same way.

WARNING: Some of your teachers may already be in our systemIf a teacher is already signed up for the Rocket Math Online game (even the free trial) then their email is in our database, you will get the alert shown below that a user with this email already exists. 

If they should be part of your team, just check “I wish to merge xxx into my account and take over paying for him/her.”  You’ll have to have enough available seats to accommodate their students.  Don’t forget to hit the green CREATE button to make it happen.

We send your Teacher Mgrs an email immediately.

As you create Teacher managers, we send the email below telling them: 1) Where to login, 2) Their username and the password you made up for them, and 3) Where to get help and information.  When they first login, they are required to make up their own password. I’d recommend letting them know the email is coming as they might ignore emails coming from us.

Next, you or your Teacher Managers will go on to assign student login information to your “unassigned” seats so the students can login and play.

Next step, add students:

If teachers have access to ClassLink or Clever Library, it rosters their students automatically when they add the Rocket Math app to their offerings.


If you must add students manually: Why not delegate?

If you have Teacher Mgrs, you can delegate the creation of logins to your teacher mgrs, once you have created them. They can each go to  login to their account and see this popup.


Your Teacher Mgrs can then put in up to 30 student logins on their own.  The usernames have to be unique to your school, but if they use a unique Teacher number and a nickname, (such as 4Alfie, 4Billy, 4Cathy) it should not be hard.  As the owner of the account, you’ll still be able to see all the students and review their progress, but you don’t have to enter all the logins yourself.

When Teacher Mgrs open their account and access this popup it already has their name as the Teacher Mgr.  It is much easier to do Plan A and delegate this to your teachers than to do a school-wide CSV file.


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