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(A) Ask for help on the blue HELP button

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On the lower right-hand corner of your screen is the blue Help desk button.

If you need help, you can contact the Rocket Math Help desk on this button.  Give us your name and email.

Please select the type of issue you are facing.

Options include:

Accessing your account,                         Billing and renewal,                               ClassLink and Clever issues,                       Extending trial,

Feature requests,                                     How-to questions (or try the HELP-FAQs-Knowledge base),                                 Introductory information,

Over-subscribed and trial users,           Pilot program,                                         Quote requests,                                              Starting new account help,

Technical issue/Troubleshooting, AKA glitches.

Select Technical issue if you are reporting a glitch of some kind.

It is impossible to fix a problem we only hear stories about.  Please use the blue help button to report glitches directly to the technical experts. The blue button allows you to send us a picture of the problem as well as the information about what device and browser is experiencing it.  This information is essential for tracking down the problem. Thanks for your help!


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