Making the best use of the Online Tutor (videos)

Do you understand how the Online Tutor works?  If you haven’t seen the “Understanding the Online Tutor” video yet, you should. It explains how the app works and why it is effective.

Parents and homeschoolers, Go here for a special Parent Checklist.

Part 1 of 5: Teachers and Schools use this 20-point Checklist!

What is the best way to get organized quickly and do a thorough job?   Answer: Use a checklist! After students are rostered in the Rocket Math Online Tutor there is a 20-point checklist of the key things to do getting started. This video explains the 20-point Online Tutor Checklist.

Part 2 of 5 Use the fluency data from 1 min races

To make the best use of the Rocket Math Online Tutor the teacher should collect data from the scheduled 1-minute races (tests, really) as students work through the A to Z curriculum. Improved fluency is demonstrable with data. Teachers can also assign 1-minute races to measure fluency progress on a weekly basis if they choose.

Part 3 of 5  The Review Progress tab

To make the best use of the Rocket Math Online Tutor the teacher should monitor student progress in the app. As students get started playing the game the Review Progress screen will become the default screen when you open at  There are several columns of information, which can be shown or hidden, and on which you can sort the class display.  Learn what they are and what they mean by watching this video.

Part 4 of 5 Why is the Tutor speed so fast?

Many students do not realize they can remember math facts instead of figuring them out over and over. The Rocket Math Online Tutor purposely goes too fast to figure out answer, they must be recalled, so they have to be memorized. Once students begin remembering the answers they can go fast and they really enjoy math much more. The Online Tutor is designed to help make that happen. How to use the game’s calculated “Difficulty Score” to tell which students really do need more than 3 seconds to answer.

Part 5 of 5 Motivating your students.

Teachers should support the work of learning math facts by recognizing students as they work through the A to Z levels of the Rocket Math Online Tutor. Providing students with the Color in Rocket Chart is the first step. Publicly awarding General Awards or Star Effort Awards for the amount of sessions completed is the next step. Learning Track Certificates when students finish is another. The Toughness Certificate is another form of recognition. Keeping the length of time that students can play shorter than they want it to be, is another way of motivating the practice necessary to learn this vital skill. Ultimately the teacher’s attitude (about the importance of this work) will make the difference in motivating students.