Option 1: Fill it out for your colleagues.

Option 2: They sign themselves up

Two ways to give your colleagues access to Rocket Math

You are the person responsible for giving your colleagues access to Rocket Math.  You’re going to give them subscriptions.  Begin in your “Subscription Manager” page and choose whichever method you wish.

Option 1: You fill in the information for them

To add  one or two teachers: Go to “Manage Subusers”  (in red in the picture) and click on “new record” and enter the teacher’s information one teacher at a time.

To add multiple teachers to a subscription: First download the excel spreadsheet HERE.   Once you have completed the spreadsheet with the names of the teachers you would like to add, their email address, as well as their desired password, and your school name, use “Save As” to save the spreadsheet as a “CSV file” in your computer.  Then go to your Membership Information Page and find the link that says Manage Subusers under the header Subusers Package.  Upload your completed Multiple Teachers Spreadsheet as a CSV*. Click the button that says “Skip the First Line“. This will automatically create accounts for the teachers whose information you provided, as well as allow them access as Subusers for your plan. (*Note: You will have to uplaod a CSV file not an Excel Spreadsheet. Remember to save your file as a CSV.)

Option #2: Somewhat easier. You email a link to your colleagues so they can sign themselves up. 

You can go the second area (outlined in green above) where it says “Your Reseller Signup Forms URL.” Under the title is a link.  Right click on the link and choose “copy the link. ” Paste the link into an email message and send it to all the teachers who should have access to Rocket Math.  Then they can each sign themselves up.  If you need a more thorough explanation, click this link to see our tutorial video “RocketMath.com: How to sign up your colleagues.”  You’ll understand exactly how to do it.

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