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(C) Trial users–seat shortage

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Trial users are new users that have been added to your account–beyond your purchased number of seats.

Your system has probably added new students from Clever which happens automatically. When Clever adds more students beyond your purchased seats they are created as “trial users” to give you 30 days to adjust your account.

If you have trial users you’ll see six boxes (instead of three) displayed at the top of your dashboard. The second set shows the math of your situation.  On the left is the number of total users, then subtract the number of already paid for users, leaves the number of trial users on the right.  The third column shows the math of your situation.  At the top are the number of unassigned seats you have in your account, then subtract the number of trial users, gives you your seat shortage as a negative number in the red box.   You’ll need to buy some seats or remove some logins.


The trial users have a 30-day trial to give you time to purchase seats.  If you see a seat shortage, you’ll need to take action.   But now you have to pay for more seats in which to put them.

Or you may erase some unused logins.  If you have some duplicated logins, or pre-Clever logins you haven’t merged, you can also delete logins.  That will make room for these new users to be absorbed into your account.

Below is a video of how to do this.  Here are the steps.

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