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Rocket Math Online Game Privacy Policy

The Rocket Math Online Game is COPPA compliant.

The Rocket Math Online Game does not store any PII (personally identifiable information) on students who use it.

The privacy policy for the Rocket Math Online Game is as follows.  We collect no personally identifiable information (PII) for the students who use the game.  The owner of the subscription creates unique username and password for the students but we have no email or other identifiable information for the students.  The owner of the subscription does give us identifiable information so the privacy policies for the website (below) apply only to the owner, not to the students, for whom we have no PII. When schools choose to use CLEVER to roster their students we follow their policies–but still do not collect any PII for the students–that information remains behind Clever’s firewall and is not shared with us.

Rocket Math Website Privacy Policy follows

Rocket Math