The most effective program
for learning math facts

What is the Rocket Math Online Tutor app?

The Rocket Math Online Tutor is a supplemental learning program that teaches students
basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and decimals.
Students easily master the basic building blocks of all math.

Why it Works

  • Rocket Math uses a mastery learning
    approach that works for all grades 1 to 12.
  • The app is graduated and progressive. It mixes newly memorized
    math facts with previously memorized facts, helping students learn
    100s of math facts
    automatically over time.
  • The game is so fun, there’s a time
    limit on student play.

About the Game

Students work through 26 levels, from A to Z, learning all the math facts as they go. Each level has three phases:

Phase 1: Take Off!

Students are introduced to four new facts.  They practice only those facts until they have learned them, by showing they can answer 12 in a row correctly within the time limit.

Phase 2: Orbit!

Students practice and demonstrate mastery of the new facts mixed with recently learned facts, answering up to 30 problems with no more than two incorrect or over the time limit.

Phase 3: Universe!

Students practice & demonstrate mastery of a random selection of ALL of the previously learned facts by answering up to 30 with no more than two incorrect or over the time limit.

Start Your Mission

  • Register for a complimentary Rocket Math Tutor Subscription
    (no credit card required)
  • Create an account for your student
  • Download the app from Apple Store or Google Play onto your
    student’s device
  • Sign in to the app using student’s username and
  • Start Playing!
  • Renew your subscription for a full year of learning math

Test Drive the Game

Watch the demo and see how much fun the Online Tutor is for yourself!

Parents and Children LOVE the Rocket Math App!

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