Dr. Don’s 20-point Online Game Checklist

Checklists have been found to improve accuracy and efficiency in everything from building houses to open-heart surgery.  Although implementing the Rocket Math Online Game is not anywhere near as difficult, this checklist of the things a teacher needs to do to get the program up and running may prove helpful.

Most of the items are linked to the directions for how to accomplish them and why they need doing.  This document (without all the pictures) is also on Google Drive.

Dr. Don’s 20-point Online Game checklist 

For Effective Rocket Math Online Game Implementation


Links in this document take you to directions on how to accomplish it and why it is worthwhile to do so. 


  1. ____ Schedule Rocket Math sessions at least once a day, preferably twice.
  2. ____ Start students in correct Learning Track. 1-3 Addition * 4th & up Multiplication.
  3. ____ Sessions are limited to 10 minutes with a 20 minute break required before playing again.
  4. ____ Enable Daily Progress Reports: know who’s completed sessions and who’s passed levels.
  5. ____ Print out Color in Rocket Charts and give it to all students.
  6. ____ Enable Learning Track Alerts—so you can award them as soon as students finish.
  7. ____ Print out Parent Letter—so you can assign this as homework.
  8. ____ Enable Fluency Promotion and Auto-Advance for all students.  
  9. ____ Assign Fluency Testing (1-min Races). Do it the same day each week. 
  10. ____ Post Toughness Certificate to use with those who need help with perseverance.  


  1. ____ Group recognition (stand up and take a bow) for students who have done Rocket Math as homework (more sessions completed than done in class the day before).
  2. ____ Group recognition (stand up and take a bow) for students who’ve improved on 1-minute race. 
  3. ____ Award Star Effort Awards for any who’ve achieved that level of effort. 
  4. ____ Award Learning Track Certificates for any who completed one. 
  5. ____ Give students time to color in their Rocket Charts for parts passed yesterday (see 3). 
  6. ____ Give star stickers for the Wall Chart (if you have it) to students who have passed a level.


  1. ____ View and praise Star Effort screen for several students—note who might earn a certificate.
  2. ____ Walk around and monitor–look at screens and praise students who are working.
  3. ____ Require students to show you their “Session Completed” screen before logging off.
  4. ____Check the difficulty score of students who complain.  If their difficulty score is over 3.0, observe and diagnose their problem or adjust speed. If it’s under 3.0 use Toughness Certificate.


* After 3rd graders have learned the concept of multiplication, they should be moved ahead into LT. 7 Multiplication


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