(B) Initial assignment of Learning Tracks

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Note: You have to assign Learning Tracks to each student as part of setting up student login credentials.

Assignment of Learning Tracks (3 options).

Option 1: D-I-Y created Student Logins (up to 30 at a time).

If you are creating the Student Logins with the D-I-Y Student Logins popup, the third column for each student expects you to choose a Learning Track.

Use the pull down menu to select one of the 16 learning tracks for each student as illustrated. You can assign a different learning track to each student.

Watch this video to see how this works.

Option 2: Auto-created Student Logins

You can have the system “auto-create” student logins (usernames and passcodes) and then assign them all to a Learning Track.  When you’re done you can just export the result.

Option 3: Entering more than 30 students using a CSV file

If you are entering the Student Login using the csv method of entry you’ll be using the template we provide.  In column C do NOT enter the names of the learning tracks.  You must enter a number for each Learning Track in column C. The template gives you the numbers at the top of column C.  The learning tracks are numbered as follows.

  1. Addition 1s through 9s
  2. Subtraction 1s through 9s
  3. Multiplication 1s through 9s
  4. Division 1s through 9s
  5. Fact Families (+, -) to 10, ex.4+6, 6+4, 10-4, 10-6
  6. Fact Families (+, -) from 11, ex. 5+6, 6+5, 11-6, 11-5.
  7. Add to 20, example 13+4, 4+13,
  8. Subtract from 20, example 15-3, 15-12,
  9. Multiplication 10s-11s-12s,
  10. Division 10s-11s-12s.
  11. Fact Families (x, ÷) to 20, example 4×5, 5×4, 20÷4, 20÷5
  12. Fact Families (x, ÷) from 21,example 3×7, 7×3, 21÷3, 21÷7
  13. Identifying Fractions (proper, improper and mixed numbers)
  14. Equivalent Fractions, example 3/6 = 1/2)
  15. Factors & Primes, finding next pair of factors and knowing when done.
  16. Fraction & Decimal Equivalents, e.g 1/8 = 0.125, 1/8 = 125/1000, 8 divided into 1 equals 1/8 and vice versa


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