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When you want to change something for an individual student, go to the green button at the end of that student’s row that says Individual Action.”  Pull down for a short menu, outlined in green in this picture and choose “Disconnect Teacher Mgr.”

Step 1: First Disconnect current Teacher Mgr.

Only the owner (AKA Subscription Manager) can change Teacher Mgr.  Teacher Mgrs cannot do this.  If you are the owner/subscription manager for your school you can change Teacher Mgrs for an individual student. Begin by choosing “Disconnect Teacher Mgr” from the Individual Action button.  This makes the student a sort of free agent (Teacher Name becomes n/a) so you can assign a new Teacher Mgr.

Step 2: Connect to a new Teacher Mgr.

Go to the Individual Action button at the end of their row.  Choose Connect to Teacher Mgr.

This function is only available when a student is a free agent (when the Teacher Name is n/a) and therefore needs a Teacher Mgr. You click on Connect to Teacher Mgr, and  this pop-up appears with a list of the available Teacher Mgrs in your account.  Choose the one you want and hit the green Connect button.


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