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Only the owner (AKA Subscription Manager) or the School Mgr can change students from one Teacher Mgr to another.  Teacher Mgrs cannot do this.  If you are the owner/subscription manager, or the School Manager for your school you can change Teacher Mgrs for a group of students.

First, select the students you want to affect.

When you want to change something for a group of students, you will use to the orange button on the right side above the names that say “Bulk Actions.”  You will first have to select the students to whom the bulk action should apply.

To select the students put a check mark in the little box at the left hand side of their row.  If that will be tedious, you can filter for the students you want and then you can check the Select All Displayed box, a check mark will go onto all the students showing on your screen.

How many at a time do you want to see?  Above the word Select you can choose how many of your students you want to show at a time on your screen.  The options are: 10, 25, 50, 100 or All.

Or use the search bar to select who you want to see in your display.  You can use the search bar to limit who shows up–for example entering a teacher’s name will display only her students.  Then you can use “Select All” to put a check mark only in front of that teacher’s students.

Remember: on the Bulk Actions button somebody has to be selected (have checkmarks in front of their name) or nothing happens!

Step 1. Disconnect Teacher Mgr(s)

The first step in changing the Teacher Mgr. for a group of students is to make them  free agents.   Pull down and click on “Disconnect Teacher.”  Now the student or students you had selected are sort of a “free agent” if you will. In the place in the dashboard where it used to say the name and email of a Teacher Mgr it now says n/a.

Step 2. Connect Teacher Mgr(s)

Only students who are free agents (who have n/a in the Teacher column) can be connected to a Teacher Mgr.  Be sure to “select” the students you want to connect to a new teacher.  After you have selected them go to the orange Bulk Actions button, pull down and you’ll see “Connect Teacher.”  Choose that action and a pop-up will give you the options of Teacher Mgrs in the account (see the picture).  You have to pull down to see who all is available, but then select one and hit the green “Connect” button to make it happen for all the students you had selected.


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