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If you just have your family it’s easy, just tell your kids what their username, passcode and Customer name/number are.  Maybe write it down on a piece of paper?  They have to enter this information every time they want to play.  You can go back and edit that information if you decide you chose something too long to type or too hard to remember.

What if you have a class full of students?

Export students button

In your dashboard there is a blue button that says, Export Students.  (I know you’re wondering who would pay for them sight unseen.)  It is outlined in white in this picture with an arrow pointing toward it.  Clicking on this button does not send your students away, instead it creates an excel file with the login information of all your students listed. The file is downloaded onto your computer.

See the example pictured here.

You open the file where it is downloaded onto your computer.  Then in the first column, you can type in the student names next to their username and passcode and account number.  Save it with the names typed in and then print it out.  Then you can walk around the room and give students their login information.  And keep that for later reference.

I promise I will figure out a way that it will print that info out onto little Avery labels that you can paste onto something and give to them.  Just not this month.


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