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While student are playing, you can see how they are progressing without looking over their shoulder.  After students have begun playing, Review Progress will become the default screen.

  • The first column is always Username.  We don’t keep PII*.

There is a list of the titles of the other 12 columns of information displaying their progress. You can hide (by unchecking the title) or display (by checking the title) any column other than the username.


You can sort by the data in any column.  There are little up and down arrows by the title of the column.  Click to sort by that column.  As you can see in the picture, this data is sorted by PPT (parts passed today) because there is a little stack next to the down arrow.  That shows that the data is ordered going from smallest to highest.  Click again to reverse the direction.  Click on a different column to sort by that column instead.  This will be helpful for you to find the student who is logging on most often, or the student who is having the most difficulty, or the student who has not logged in recently,

Three ways to monitor and measure participation among your students


  • This shows you the date each student last logged in (you can tell if they played recently). If you sort by this column you can find out who has gone the longest without logging in!  Students should be logging in daily and you can monitor that here.

Sessions (started and completed) in the last 2 weeks: mini-calendar.


Every time a student gets started playing is counted as “starting” a session.  A completed session is counted whenever a student plays until the “Session Completed” screen ends the session. This section shows a mini calendar of the last two weeks with a letter for every day: S M T W T F S.  This is a rolling calendar of the last 14 days.  Every day that a student starts or completes a session there will be a number instead of a letter.  If the student did only one session, there will be a “1” showing.


  • You can see one student started 3 session and completed 1 on Friday.  The  is outlined in purple.  How do we know that was Friday?  You can see the student below the hard worker shows an “F” for Friday, so did not start or complete any sessions that day.
  • You can see another student who completed 5 sessions on Wednesday–outlined in green.  That student did not complete a session on Wednesday, so the “W” still shows on the completed calendar.



  • This column shows the total of sessions that student has started and completed in the last two weeks.  (We just added up the numbers in the calendar for you.)  You can use this total to recognize and reward students who are really putting forth a good effort. You can sort based on this column.  You can then recognize the top 1/3 of your class for the number of sessions they are completing.  If you do that publicly (even a public email with the top workers listed) you could stimulate more effort and more learning among your students.


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