(A) Students go to play at https://play.rocketmath.com

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You may have noticed there were no games at the admin site where you’ve been setting things up.  You are right.  No fun and games there.  The fun is all at another site: https://play.rocketmath.com

Students either download the Apple or Android apps,

or bookmark this site and play in the browser.

PLEASE in self-defense teach your students how to bookmark the site.  Otherwise they’re going to ask you to enter the url over and over again.

The first thing they will see will be this “enter’ screen.  Students just hit the “enter!” button and it sort of wakes up the game, so it knows to ask for the login information.

Students enter Username, Passcode and Account Number

Next the login screen comes up.  Students must enter their username, passcode, and Account Number to login and play.  Students have to enter all three pieces of information right, so they may need some help in the beginning.


The owner can edit student’s usernames and passcodes in your dashboard on the row with their info.  If you have created long and hard to type usernames or passcodes, you may want to change them to make things easier.

You can also change their Learning Track from the Actions button at the end of that same row.

Encourage students to watch the BASIC TRAINING video.

By the way, here’s a link to the BASIC TRAINING-video I made for them.  (It does not go to YouTube!)  Encourage your students to view it–maybe when they have to take a battery recharge.  It is 9 minutes long. You can see the BASIC TRAINING link in the bottom right corner of the Start page, before or after they play.  In the video, Dr. Don speaks from Mission Control with encouragement and valuable tips on to how to play the game.

Any problems with the game?

Use the green feedback button.

Finally, there is this green Feedback button to the far right of the playing screen.  Students can use that to report a problem, when the game doesn’t go right.  They can click on the screen on the part that isn’t working and it will send the information directly to the developers.  It will also tell the developers what kind of device and which browser the student was using, in case that information is found to be relevant.  Please encourage students to use that so we can get specific information about any glitches in the game.

Ask students to log out after each session.

Students should logout when they are done playing. THIS IS ESSENTIAL IF YOU WANT ANOTHER STUDENT TO BE ABLE TO USE THAT DEVICE!   On every screen in the upper left hand corner is the curvy arrow.  Clicking on that will take you back to the Start Your Mission page.  Clicking it again will take the students to the Logout page, which just has a white logout box.  Clicking on that box logs them out.  It is helpful to the playing of the game if they logout each time they are done.  Also, they have to be logged out for you to change their Learning Track.

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