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(D) Assigning 1-minute RACEs

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Assigning fluency assessments is a good way to see if students are progressing.  Especially if the Review Progress screen does not show good progress for an individual student, I would recommend assigning a 1-minute RACE to assess what is going on.  I would also recommend doing 1-minute RACEs classwide about once a week.



At any time, you can also Assign a Fluency Test 1-Minute RACE “on next login.”

1) Select the students to whom you want to assign the test RACE, or Select All.

2) Click on the orange Bulk Action button.

3) Pull down to “Assign 1-min RACE on next login.”


After doing that, in your dashboard you will see that the 1-minute race has been assigned on the next login. 
The next time those students login, they will be given the mission of doing a 1-minute race with ALL the facts in the Learning Track they are studying. They can skip facts they don’t know, by hitting the checkmark.

Assign a 1-minute RACE individually also–at any time you wish.

You can assign a 1-minute RACE at any time for specific individuals as well, using the green Individual Action button at the end of their row.


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