(D) Review Progress of students

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While student are playing, you can see how they are progressing without looking over their shoulder.  After students have begun playing, Review Progress will become the default screen.

  • The first column is Username.  We don’t keep PII*.

There is a list of the titles of the other 12 columns of information displaying their progress. You can hide (by unchecking the title) or display (by checking the title) any column other than the username.

  • What learning track they are currently in,
  • Login  The date they last logged in (you can tell if they played recently).

You can sort by the data in any column.  There are little up and down arrows by the title of the column.  Click to sort by that column.  As you can see in the picture, this data is sorted by PPT (parts passed today) because there is a little stack next to the down arrow.  That shows that the data is ordered going from smallest to highest.  Click again to reverse the direction.  Click on a different column to sort by that column instead.  This will be helpful for you to find the student who is logging on most often, or the student who is having the most difficult, or the student who has not logged in recently.



  • PP stands for Parts Passed–this is the total number of parts or phases passed so far in this Learning Track.  The column is boxed in red for this picture. Remember, there are three phases to each A-Z level, T-Take Off, O-Orbit, U-Universe so a total of 78 parts for each Learning Track.


  • PPT stands for Parts Passed Today.  The PPT column has a number for the number of parts passed.  A student might pass a part or even two during the day, without passing a level.  Student C passed one part today, but didn’t complete a level, so no green box.  Students get a green box only when they pass the Universe phase and complete a level.  Students A and B each passed 3 parts today in this picture, which completed a level!  If you look back at the mini-calendar of logins for today, Student B completed 3 sessions today, so the student was really working. Remember that students can only play for a few minutes at a time, so passing one or two parts is all you can expect in one login.


Current Set letter.

  • This unlabeled column shows the letter of the current set in which the student is working, not what they have passed.

Graph of which A to Z levels have been passed already (how far the student has progressed)

  • This shows all of the levels that have been passed.  Should be one level less than the one the student is working on.
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