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No gotcha’s on the complimentary initial subscription.  It just ends unless you take action.   If you do not choose to renew your subscription, that will be all there is to it.  There’s really no way to “purchase” a subscription, you can only “renew” your initial complimentary subscription.

Go to the Account/Payment/Renew page, the bright yellow tab on the main rainbow navigation on the left hand side of every admin page.  Once you’re on your account page, there are 4 steps to  renew a subscription.

Step 1: CLICK RADIO BUTTON NEXT to “RENEW Subscription.” 

You must renew at the end of your initial subscription to continue access to the Online Game.   If you are renewing, then your next subscription will begin when the current one ends.  You can have a different number of seats than you do now, but that won’t take effect until the next subscription begins.

Step 2.  Choose the number of seats desired.

  • WARNING! You cannot renew with fewer seats than you are currently using.    If you want FEWER seats than you have currently assigned, you’ll need to ERASE some seat assignments.  You can ERASE seat assignments on the Bulk Actions button by selecting the ones you want to erase and then choosing the “Erase Students” action in Bulk Actions pull-down menu.


  • If you want more seats NOW, then you have to choose to “ADD SEATS” which will add that number to your current subscription. There’s no limit to the number of seats you can add to your initial complimentary subscription, and they’re free!

Enter the TOTAL number of seats you want.  Pricing will be shown for whatever you choose, but is fairly simple.                   

You can play with different amounts in the “number of seats field” and it will show you the price.

Step 3. Choose your payment method.

Choose among four options.  PayPal or credit cards for individuals. There are two options for schools, who use Purchase Orders.

(Option 1) PayPal–you’re welcome to use this if you have such an account.  If you use Pay Pal you are familiar with how it works.

(Option 2) Credit cards–this operates through Stripe.com. It will ask for the email of your account–so we can credit the payment to the right account.  Then it will ask you for your credit card number and verification info.  You will be charged as soon as it goes through.

Purchase orders–only schools are allowed to use Purchase Orders and with PO’s the minimum charge is $49.  [No matter how little you order, if you choose one of the PO options the price will at least be $49.]  There are two options, depending upon whether you (Option 3) already gotten an approved PO or (Option 4) Send a quote to whomever can create a PO for you.

(Option 3) If you already have an approved PO.  When you click Option 3, the purchase order fields open up.  All the fields in the PO section need to be completed (except the 2nd Street Address) in order for this to go through.  We take that information and create an invoice in QuickBooks which we send to the person you say should get it.  The invoice is due in 30 days. Putting in this PO number means you are promising that such a PO has been approved and for the amount you are incurring.  Be sure to hit the green button when done.

(Option 4) Quote and request for PO.    If you need a quote and for someone to create a PO choose Option 4. You can input the name and email address of the person who can approve or create a Purchase Order, and the system will automatically send them an email QUOTE with the ordering info details they need to create a PO.  [Please take the time to find out who that is.  Don’t send it to yourself!] The email will tell them the number of seats you set in #1, and the price, which account they are paying for, etc.  [This avoids the common problem of the PO purchasing a new subscription instead of renewing your existing one.]  We’ll start your year-long subscription assuming they will approve and send us a PO.

With this option, you are NOT creating an obligation for the district.  We know you can’t do that.  We understand how schools work, and if they don’t approve or don’t send a PO to Rocket Math, we will end your subscription with nothing owed.

Step 4.  Click the green “Make Purchase” button, or it won’t happen!

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