Do you know how to make Rocket Math enjoyable?

Doing Rocket Math ought to be one of the highlights of the school day.  If done correctly students should really enjoy daily practice, getting better, learning to go fast on facts.  Find out if you (or your staff) know just how to do that by taking the new 20 question Quiz that Dr. Don has posted onto the website.  You can find it on the website under Resources/Educator Resources as well as on the link in the previous sentence.

New tricks!  There are some secret things in the quiz that are not even in the directions!  There are tricks of the trade–ideas that have been put into blogs, which are part of the 20 item quiz.  Some of these tricks were not known at the time of  the original  Teacher Directions, which are still a good source of info about how to do Rocket Math.

Dr. Don recommends that you print out a copy of the answer key here.  Then after you give the quiz to the staff, you can discuss the correct answers using the answer key.  This is a great activity to engage all your staff, new and old, in a discussion of how to implement Rocket Math.  Care in the implementation makes a lot of difference in how much students enjoy the experience and how successfully they learn.  Remember, that the best motivator is success, so enabling success for all students is the key!

As always, if you have a question feel free to call Dr. Don at 888-488-4854.  His favorite thing to discuss is implementation of Rocket Math.

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