How do I set up Rocket Math?

1010 File Crate
Crate set up

Begin with a file crate. Go to the Subscription site for the operation you will teach first. Print 20-30 copies of each of the Practice Pages A-Z and file those into the appropriately labeled hanging files in your crate.

Copy a class set of these three sheets: SmallRocketChart (rocket chart), goal sheet and Individual student graph. For each student create a folder with Rocket Chart on the front, and goal sheet and graph inside.
First day give the “Writing Speed Test (Writing Speed Test)” to all the students. Take the number of boxes copied and take that information to the Goal Sheet stapled inside each student’s folder. Circle the indicated row for each student based on the number of boxes they complete during the minute test.
Next day do the four 15 second math placement probes for the operation in which your students are going to begin. (K-1—Addition, 2-3 Addition then Subtraction, Grades 4-6—Multiplication then Division). Read more about Math Fact Fluency Grade Level Recommendations.
On the Rocket Chart on the front of the folder mark the letter in which each child should begin and fill their folder with six sheets of that letter.
Model how to do paired practice by choosing individual students to be your checker while you do everything wrong (don’t say problems, hesitate before answering, get wrong answers). They demonstrate the correct way to correct. Do this modeling for five minutes or so each day for several days until every student can be the checker without flaw or prompting—and then a couple of days more—until they are begging you to begin.
Find 10 minutes every day at the same time to do this. Read more and watch our online videos on ‘How Rocket Math Works’.

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