What happens if we don’t practice daily?

Hi Dr. Don,
I have another question. Why do you recommend practicing Rocket Math every day? Would doing it only a couple days a week be okay?

Hello Julie,
Thanks for asking. The importance of daily practice has to do with the nature of building memory. If you practice daily almost all students will make good progress, and pass a level every few sessions. A few minutes practice and then overnight time for the memories to sink in, and then all the students get to practice again before they forget. If you practice just a couple of times a week then only the most able students would be able to remember and benefit from the last practice session–the more time to forget the more students forget. Much better to activate those memories and build those neural connections every day. The success rate of your students will go WAY down if you do it only a couple of days a week. Many students would not be able to pass and would get frustrated. That’s why it is designed to be a fast activity–less than ten minutes a day once you build the routine. We find that the least able 10% of your students may need to practice orally twice a day to make good progress. That’s why getting parents involved is such a good idea.

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