Motivate all students fairly with Star Effort Awards

Star Effort Rating screen shows when students log into the game.

Students earn stars for how many sessions they have COMPLETED in the last 14 days. Four sessions earn one star, 8 session earn two and so on.  The stars they have earned show on an effort rating screen when each student logs in.  You should circulate when they log in and comment on their level of effort.  At first you may only see one or two stars, but be sure to publicly praise the students who are putting forth the most effort.  You might put the names of the students with the most number of effort stars on the board.  You could ask if anyone earned 3 stars, to raise their hand.  Anyone can put forth effort, so this is a very fair thing to praise and recognize.  The more effort they put forth, they more they will earn.

Star Effort Award Certificates for 12, 16, and 20 sessions in the last 14 days.

Motivation is most effective for students who don’t get it!

You can also print out a certificate and award it when students reach these upper levels of effort.  When you reward students for their effort, students who are watching, realize they can do it. Students know they can get an award if they try.  The benefit of the motivation is for the ones sitting in their seats watching. If you reward everyone, the ceremony will have no effect. The students watching the ceremony will feel motivated to win the next one. Rocket Math can guarantee you’ll get improved fluency because it is an effective intervention.

This level of effort is your goal for all students because playing the game daily is needed to really make progress on learning math facts.

12 sessions in 14 days for a 3 star effort award,

16 sessions in 14 days for a 4 star effort award, and

20 sessions in 14 days for a 5 star effort award. That’s one session each day in school and one for homework.


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