V—How do I keep track of which set each student should be practicing?

How do I keep track of which set each student should be practicing?

That’s where the Rocket Chart comes in! I bet you thought we had forgotten about the Rocket Chart you stapled on the front of each student’s folder. We didn’t. We have this down to a science. Every part is needed and there is no fluff! We are essentially “anti-fluff.” OK. We came clean on that one. Now the world knows!

The Rocket Chart for recording progress is included at the end of these directions. Either before or after each timing, when the student “tries” to pass the timing, he or she should enter the date of that try on the Rocket Chart for the set they are working on. This chart should have been stapled on the front side of their Rocket Math® folder. (Ha! You thought we were done nagging you about the folders? You were wrong…Sorry.) Please be aware that no one should go past six “tries” without intervention from you. See the section on “What do I do about students who are stuck?”

Whenever any student passes their One-Minute Daily Test they will color in the appropriate row on the Rocket Chart.

When a student has passed, the next day the student will begin practice on the next practice sheet. To help increase motivation, be sure to enthusiastically give some special recognition to students who pass their One-Minute Daily Test. Check out the certificates at the end of these directions. We made ‘em ourselves and if we thought that you ignored them, we would be so bummed. Find some way to give extra recognition for students’ hard work. Having a school administrator come in to distribute these certificates to elementary students is a good idea. Kids love that. This recognition is often more important to the children in the upper elementary grades where they have already struggled for some time. They need a little extra motivation.

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