Struggling sixth graders–what to use?

Sara writes:
I have used Rocket Math with 4th graders for the entire school year with great success. Now I will be using it with struggling 6th graders. Where do you recommend I begin with them? Multiplication? I have only purchased the addition-division set, so do you also recommend I purchase the extended 11’s and 12’s for both multiplication and division? Thanks!

Dr. Don answers:


    Thanks for asking!  Sixth graders who are struggling will need to start with Multiplication, however some might know some of the facts.  After you do the Writing Speed tests you can set goals for the daily One-Minute timing, but also for the 15-second probes.  Once you have those goals, you can use the “Placement Probe” for multiplication.  Read about these tests and how to use them in Rocket Math FAQs Pages L and M   You might even have some students who will pass all the levels of the placement probe, and you can do the same thing for Division with the placement probes.  Be aware that because the probes are only 15 seconds the expectations are pretty easy to meet if they can squeeze in a few extra seconds–so you have to be VERY vigilant during those probes.  I would do all four fairly quickly, so there’s no time to write down any extra numbers.
    Most sixth graders who are struggling with math don’t have basic facts to fluency, so they will probably only need the basic subscription.  However, if your class is mixed you may have some students who don’t need the basics (1s through 9s facts) and then they could review and move ahead by doing the 10s, 11s, and 12s in Multiplication. The cool thing about Rocket Math programs is that they can all run at the same time, so you can have a mix of students in a room who are not only in different levels of say Multiplication but some can be in Division and others in 10s, 11s, and 12s.  Everyone can follow the same ten minute routine.  I am happy about the Universal subscription because it allows you access to those upper programs if you need them without having to make a new purchase.
   Because you already have a lifetime license I can extend to you the discount for lifetime license holders so that a Universal Subscription is only $24.  I will send you a coupon code you can use.

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