How can you improve writing speed?

Tina asks:
Hello Don,
Do you have any recommendations for improving writing speed? My son’s school does not use Rocket Math, but we use it at home. He knows his addition facts rather quickly orally, but is stuck at a much lower level at school because he cannot write them fast enough.
Thanks, Tina

Dr. Don answers:
That is a very good question. Yes, you can improve writing speed. Increasing writing speed will come with practice, but a special kind of practice. The biggest problem slow writers have is that they “draw” the numerals. That is to say, they decide how to make the numerals look like they should and then draw them, rather than having a set way of doing the numbers. Step 1 is for them to learn how to most efficiently write the numerals using strokes that consistently go down and from left to write. Students need to learn the right way to form the numerals and then practice it exactly the same way over and over until it becomes habit. In Step 2 the students need to practice writing the numerals small enough to fit on the line, while still forming them the right way. In Step 3 and 4 students need to practice writing the numerals until they are fluent (speedy and still form them correctly and legibly).

To move through these steps it helps to have a program to assist you in doing each of those phases. Luckily, I created just such a program, called Rocket Writing for Numerals. There are a total of 72 pages that takes the student through the four phases. Each phase has its own chapter. You can see a page for each phase in the picture above.

A student can practice each page of Rocket Writing several times. How many times you ask? See my blog on the topic of How much practice is enough in Rocket Writing, because it is interesting to see that you can arrange it so that you trust your son to know how much practice he needs.

Rocket Writing for Numerals is part of the $49 Universal subscription. If you only have a basic subscription, you can upgrade to that for $20 and right now there is a coupon code to get a bargain on it. Enter Upgrade15%off

2 thoughts on “How can you improve writing speed?

  1. What is the earliest that you would recommend starting the Numeral Writing program? I have used the Otter Creek version of numeral writing for students who already have bad habits started. Our school purchased a school-wide license for your Rocket Math version so what would it cost us to be able to add the universal subscription which I understands includes the numeral writing? We have 10 teachers currently using the program.

    • Marcella, Kindergarten is a good time to start Rocket Writing for Numerals, and I wouldn’t do anything other than Chapter 1 in pre-school. Many first grade teachers begin the year with Rocket Writing for Numerals while they teach the concept of addition and then start Rocket Math facts practice in November or December. Rocket Writing for Numerals is part of the Universal Subscription which is normally $49 per year for each teacher who would be using it. However, for holders of the old “lifetime licenses” I offer a discount of $25 off each subscription or $24 per teacher. Please write to me at [email protected] to get a coupon code for your school that will allow you to order and get the discount.

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