The Wall Chart motivates and prevents unhealthy competition.

The Rocket Chart gives students a visible sign of their success.

Students working in Rocket Math begin to see themselves as clearly successful.  Being able to color in the levels of their Rocket Chart as they pass them, makes their progress visible.  As they color in the Rocket Chart they become very invested in their progress through the levels. They are naturally proud of their accomplishments. Whenever Dr. Don visits a classroom, students want to tell him what level they are “on” if they get a chance.

Competition may develop to unhealthy levels

However, not all students progress really quickly or easily, while others surge ahead. Sometimes, unhealthy competition may develop among students sometimes.  Some students begin to feel really bad about their slower progress. Worse yet, some students in the lead may begin to act arrogantly or disrespectfully.  The Rocket Math Wall Chart is designed to curb that competition and to build a sense of esprit de corps.

The Wall Chart puts all the students on the same team.


Over 700 star stickers come with the Wall Chart.  Each time a student passes a level the teacher awards them with a star sticker, which they take up to the Wall Chart and put into one of the squares in the chart.  Students fill the chart from the bottom up.  The teacher sets a goal in a few weeks, which date is marked on the goal arrow, and the goal arrow is placed a couple of rows up from where the students are now.  (You can just see that in the picture above.)


Students develop pride in their whole class.

If the students fill in the squares up to the arrow–before the date specified on the arrow–they earn a group reward such as extra recess time, or music during math, or a congratulatory note home, or a popcorn party, etc.  Wall chart half filledIn this way, each time a student passes a level they are putting up a score for the whole team.  It is good for everyone.  The teacher is able to praise the class for their hard work and accomplishments, and the whole class is able to feel good about their collective effort.

The Wall Chart shows visitors (like principals) how well the class is doing.

Passers-by as well as interested administrators can praise the class as a whole for their successes with Rocket Math.  A savvy administrator may reward the class with a “free space” to help themselves keep track of progress. See this blog.  In many schools, classes post their completed Rocket Chart on their door with all 725 stickers in place!   The Rocket Math Wall Chart becomes a focus of pride and recognition for the whole class.  The Rocket Math Wall Chart (#2005) includes directions, plenty of star stickers, four goal arrows, and the chart itself.   They are cheaper by the dozen if you need more.

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