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Rocket Math Online Game & Fluency Test Proven Effective

Fluency tests are called 1-minute races

Starting in the fall of 2020, the Rocket Math Online Game began scheduling 1-minute races for students as they worked through the 16 different Learning Tracks taught in the game. The 1-minute races present a random selection of all the facts in each Learning Track.  Students are allowed to skip facts they haven’t learned yet, but the scores shown here are the correctly answered problems. The races (really fluency test) are scheduled after sets A, i, R, and Z.  They are scheduled after students complete Set A, so we know they know how to use the interface and answer questions.  So that score is really a starting score.  Then intermediate in their learning after finishing Set i and Set R.  Finally, after Set Z. So the score after Set Z represents the fluency they have achieved by playing through the 26 A to Z levels in that Learning Track.

A screenshot of Rocket Math’s Fluency Test showing the student’s scores.

Data show improved fluency as students work through every Learning Track

It is clearly obvious that there is a steady rise in fluency as students work through each Learning Track.  Note that fluency test scores go up steadily at each measuring point in every Learning Track.  Remember, the tests are exactly the same every time, a random selection of problems taught in the Learning Track.  The fact that students can answer more correctly on each test, shows clearly that they are learning and the data prove it.  That is very important, as you don’t purchase this game simply to entertain children.  The goal is improved fluency and it is being achieved.  Individual results will of course vary.

Fluency Test: An excellent tool for research

These 1-minute races can also be assigned by the teacher at any time, or even on a weekly basis.  However, the scheduled tests demonstrate best the effect of the Online Game as the amount of work done to reach the tests is equal among students.   Both scheduled and teacher-assigned results are kept, and the results of these tests can be exported in excel files, so they are available for research purposes.  There are many options of things to be studied.  For my purposes, I love that we can so definitively prove that the Rocket Math Online Game works.

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