Assign re-take when results of a 1-minute race go down

As students take the scheduled 1-minute races we display the results of the last two races on the Tab (A) Review progress screen.  As they learn more, they should be improving, their fluency should be going up.  These “races” are really fluency tests of a random selection of problems from throughout the Learning Track they are practicing.  The student shown above answered 8 of those problems in a minute the day they finished the first set (A).  After working a while and getting up to set (i) they are then scheduled for another fluency test. Then, the day the student finished set (i) the student was able to answer 10 in a minute. That’s what we expect to see.  

Their score really should not go down (unless they happened to get more problems they didn’t know).  If their score does go down significantly, as this student did, we offer the teacher the opportunity to assign a re-take of that test.  Perhaps the student was distracted during the 1-minute race, or they weren’t really giving it their best effort.  We leave this up to the teacher or parent to decide, because they know the student.  If the student may not have made their best effort, a re-take can give them another opportunity. 

Once that is scheduled, the student will do the re-take the next time they login.  In the meantime, the assignment will show on that student’s row on the Review Progress screen.  If on the re-take, the student’s score improves, the improved score will replace the lower score.  If it does not improve, then the current score stands.

Students can also choose to re-take a poor showing.

Sometimes during the 1-minute race, students get distracted, upset, or confused and they are pretty sure they can do better.  We give them a chance to prove it.  At the end of the race, it displays their score and gives them the choice to re-take the race to try for a better score.  If they click on the green “I want to re-take it.” button they get another chance to take the 1-minute race. If their score is better, it will replace the score they had earned previously.  If it isn’t any better, they get to keep the original score.  On the other hand, if the student thinks they did their best, they can click the top red button and they don’t have to do a re-take.

Tens of thousands of students have taken these 1-minute races and demonstrated improved fluency as a result of doing Rocket Math.  See this link to see the real-time data as more students improve their fluency with Rocket Math.




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