H—What has to be ready for me to start?

What has to be ready for me to start?
You need to have a folder for every student. On the front of the folder you’ll have stapled the Rocket Chart—that’s how you’ll keep track of what lettered set each student is practicing. On the inside left you’ll have stapled their Goal Sheet—so you know how many problems they have to answer in one minute to pass. And on the inside right you’ll have the Individual Student Graph for progress monitoring—so you know if they are getting better at answering math facts in that operation. In each child’s folder you’ll have the Writing Speed Test, ready for them to take. If you choose to use it, you will also have the Placement Probes—which are found at the start of each operation (Remember, if you just can’t wait to find out how that works, you can skip ahead to the section entitled, “Why would I want to give the Placement Probes?”).

Stop and Make Folders Now

Now the papers are ready, but you are not ready—because you haven’t read the rest of the directions thoroughly. Just take a moment here to recognize how much fun you have had reading these directions up to this point. Imagine what fun lies ahead! Hmm…You still need to learn about what you need to do and more importantly why you need to do it.

The students aren’t ready because they need to learn how to participate in the program. They need to learn how to work as partners, how to practice the math facts with a partner and how to give corrective feedback to their partner. Just as important: the children need to learn why cheating isn’t smart and why and how they will want to practice at home too. And we want you to know how to do all this in a very smart way. (So, if you were hoping you were almost done reading these directions, you’re not. You may want to go get a fresh cup of coffee or a sandwich. We’ve got a ways to go!)

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