Q—How can I manage with students at many different levels?

How can I manage with students at many different levels?

One great thing about Rocket Math® is that it follows the same daily routine. Once you establish the daily routine, it will go smoothly and quickly each day. Everyone is doing the same type of activity, even if they are on different sheets. Your job is to establish exactly how to do every part of the activity and help students practice until it becomes routine. The routine goes something like this.

Everyday students get out their Rocket Math® folders and pull out the practice sheet for that day. (You will develop a procedure for this.) Of course, you have already stuffed their folders with exactly the right sheet so they don’t have to run around trying to find a copy of Set G or whatever they are supposed to be working on. (You will develop a procedure for this.) They move to get with their partner to practice. (You will develop a procedure for this.) Of course, you have already established partners and where they will work. When you say “’B’ partners start first today!” they all know who is the “A” partner and who is the “B” partner and they begin practicing immediately. They all say each fact and the answer around the outside as fast as they can go. Their partners correct every hesitation or error. They practice for two minutes until the timer goes off. Then the partners switch roles. The student who was answering takes his partner’s answer key and assumes the role of checker. When you say “’A” partners begin, everyone does and another two minutes of practice ensues. Then when the timer goes off at the end of two minutes, you say “Pencils up! We’re ready for our timing.” Within seconds every pencil is up—poised for the timed test. You say “Begin” and students start writing answers to math facts as quickly as possible on the test which lies inside the practice circle of the sheet. After one minute you say “Time!” and a bunch of children cheer spontaneously because they passed their timing. You collect the folders quickly (Guess what you develop for this? You guessed it, a routine procedure!) and it is all over in minutes.

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