R—How do I establish the daily routine so it runs smoothly?

How do I establish the daily routine so it runs smoothly?

First of all, see the section of these directions entitled, “How do I get my students to practice the right way?” You are going to need to teach your students how to do each part of the daily routine—beginning with how to practice and correct hesitations and ending with the distribution and collection of folders. You are also going to have to be sure you check their papers, fill their folders and keep the crate full of sheets of Rocket Math®. The bad news is that you’ll have to organize this all yourself. The good news is that once this is organized and taught as a routine, it will be the best part of the day for both you and the students. We know that this “organization and teaching of the routines” sounds like a no-brainer, but this where we see things go amiss (and awry and asunder too!). When teachers don’t have things set up and organized, don’t have procedures and routines in place, don’t overtly/directly teach these routines and don’t PRACTICE the routines with their students, it is like watching a car crash. There is nothing one can do to help right then. You know it could have been prevented. Usually, the damage is repairable. The “fix” is…go back and organize the materials, develop procedures and routines and P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E the routines with the students until they have mastered them.

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