Why should you renew your Rocket Math subscription?

Reason #1 to renew.

So I can be here for you.  Your subscription enables me (Dr. Don) to be available to work full-time on Rocket Math.  I can be here to answer your questions, help you with your implementation, provide customer service and to continue to expand our offerings.  Every day I correspond with and often get to talk with customers who have questions and need help. In the past year, I’ve added programs such as Add to 20, Subtract from 20, Fact Families, Skip Counting and others to the Universal Subscription. (Check out the list on this link.) I am quite excited about the three new programs (Learning Addition ComputationLearning Subtraction Computation, and Learning Multiplication Computation) that I’ve recently added to the Universal subscription.  (Check ’em out using the links.) Additionally, I have added tools such as the classroom wide aimlines in Excel to keep track of the progress of your whole class.  Most exciting of all, I have a team developing a browser-based Rocket Math game that students will be able to use at home and at school with one log-in. Your subscriptions make all of that possible.  Thank you.

Reason #2 to renew. 

You get permission to copy.  The second reason to renew is that the subscription gives you “permission to copy” the materials for a limited time.  After the subscription expires, permission to copy the materials also expires (it is no longer granted).  As you can see, the footers on our materials now show your name and the expiration date.  In order to continue printing and copying the Rocket Math worksheets, I ask that you please renew your subscription.

Reason #3 to renew.

You can access our virtual filing cabinet.  The third reason to renew is so that you continue to have access to the Rocket Math filing cabinet on the web.  New and updated materials are constantly being added to the filing cabinet. The materials now number in the thousands of pages!
 You can much more easily print from the website filing cabinet, than you can from a paper master copy.  You can print from home and even print from your phone.  When anyone finds an error in one of the thousands of worksheets, I can change it the same day in this virtual filing cabinet.  When anyone asks for a new form, I can share it with everyone instantly.

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